Emotional Literacy is the ability to recognize, understand and appropriately express our emotions in a positive way. It is an essential ingredient for success in life, vibrant health, happiness and peace. Many of the problems in modern society are due, at least in part, to people being unable to understand and appropriately express emotion. Emotional Literacy is the antidote, a preventive tool, which properly understood, can help solve many social ills -- violence, illness, drug abuse, dysfunctional relationships, and global societal conflicts. Your support will help bring one million signatures to Washington and the UN to ensure emotional literacy is a core part of every child's education. Support all children to develop these skills by signing the petition. A recent poll by USA Today showed that, when asked what they most wanted to change in their children's schools, a full 75% of all parents asked for emotional literacy - though not by name. Parents' most frequent request (36%) was the desire for more school counselors - a need alleviated by Emotional Literacy education. The second greatest request (33%) was the desire for emotional diagnosis of our kids before it was 'too late.' The third most prolific desire was to insure our kids are taught not to hate (18%). Please sign the petition and share it with your friends.


The "Million Signature" Emotional Literacy Campaign

We, the undersigned, believe that emotional literacy is an essential life-skill that must be a core part of every child's education.

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