The “Million Signature” Emotional Literacy Petition



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Grassroots efforts make a difference.

The initiative is a non-profit effort driven by a group of parents and their organizations committed to raising a healthy new generation. The initiative is under the auspices of a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit called “Six Seconds EQ Network” an all donations are tax deductible (check the credibility of this organization on GuideStar). was established with the purpose of building a platform to address the neeed for emotional literacy in our children’s education. Ayman Sawaf, co-author of the international best-selling book, “Executive E.Q.: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organization” and his partner Rowan Gabrielle have been promoting the concept via multi-media presentations including the Emotional literacy newsletter to educators around the world since 1993. later merged with to continue promoting Emotional Literacy worldwide.  Ayman Sawaf and Joshua Freedman are the co-chairs of the “one million signature” campaign and “No School Left Behind” campaign of

The Emotional Literacy Campaign will gather at least one million signatures from across the social spectrum of parents, celebrities, business leaders, teachers, therapists, judges, and concerned individuals — all of whom are committed to bringing Emotional Literacy to the next generation.

A compiled petition with individual comments will be presented to representatives in the US Government, the United Nations, and in all nations with over 1000 signatories requesting funding and support for emotional literacy and education.

In addition to the million signature drive, the Emotional Literacy Campaign will raise public awareness through extensive media outreach, and lobby for political action.

Please sign the petition here.
Your information remains private and is not shared, other than with the intended recipients.